Modified on 01.09.2015

Institutional | Corporate Governance

The principles that guide Fibria’s Corporate Governance model are transparency, a clear definition of functions, independent administration, the high quality of its technical and management teams, equitable treatment of shareholders, sustainable growth and the rendering of accounts.

Code of Conduct

Fibria’s Code of Conduct is an important tool for the alignment of the organization, laying down ethical and behavioral standards for the company’s employees to apply in their relations with internal and external stakeholders.

All employees, independent of their position and duties, must be familiar with and abide by the standards set out in the Code of Conduct of the company for which they work.

Details of Fibria’s Code of Conduct are available at the following link:

Fibria Code of Conduct
PDF (3.93 Mb)


Board of Directors
José Luciano Penido Chairman
Raul Calfat VID representative*
Carlos Augusto Lira Aguiar VID representative*
João Carvalho de Miranda VID representative*
Alexandre D’Ambrósio VID representative*
Julio Cesar Maciel Ramundor BNDESPAR representative
Eduardo Rath Fingerl BNDESPAR representative
Marcos Barbosa Pinto Independent member
Alexandre Gonçalves Silva Independent member
* VID: Votorantim Industrial  


Fiscal Council
Maurício Aquino Halewicz
Gilsomar Maia
Sergio Mamede Rosa do Nascimento


Executive Board
Marcelo Strufaldi Castelli CEO
Paulo Silveira Industrial, Engineering and Supplies
Guilherme Perboyre Cavalcanti CFO and Investors Relations
Luiz Fernando Torres Pinto Human and Organizational Development
Henri Philippe Van Keer Commercial and International Logistics
Aires Galhardo Forestry

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